Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bad Day isn't a Bad Day

I'm sure we've all been through that bad day when bad things coming and we just want to go home, skip the day, sleep all day long, or run from everything.Well, I'm having that feeling now. The day that suddenly many problems come to my life and my mind. I just wanna find the solution one by one but there's several problem which take such a long time to solve it. Extra patience is really needed for this time. "Weird" maybe this is the right word for describing my feeling now.

I'm writing this not for complaining my life or my problems because I'm sure I can through all of this "weird" feeling. I just need to be patient or just meet my favorite people or food hehe :9.

Having a bad day isn't a reason for being not productive. In this "weird" situation, I decide to still being productive by thinking of new project. I just received this cuteeeeeeeeee dummy of notebook. So lovely and will featured in Na-Roo Shop soon. Thank you Felicia for this cute notebook :)

Really Love It.. <3
So, if you are in the same situation, be sure that you can through all of your "bad day". Meet someone that can cheer up your day or just listen to your favorite song. Cheers!

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