Friday, May 16, 2014

Pixar's 22 Rules To Phenomenal Storytelling? #infographic

Some people think that storytelling come naturally. It means there's only several people can do the story telling. But I don't think so. Storytelling can be learned. Yes! We can learn the skills and tactics of storytelling so the story will be told so great.

Why I share about storytelling to you? Because I think storytelling is an important skill that we must have. Storytelling is not just about how you tell the story, but It's more than that. Storytelling is about how you can tell your story so the audience will fully pay attention to you. If you can do the Story Telling well, many benefits will come to you. Let's say that you wanna promote your products. It will be interesting if you present it by making the story behind the product. The way you tell the story will decide how many audience will know about your product. The more people know about your product, more chance that they will buy your product.

Isn't it very interesting? :)

Here I found some tips of storytelling from Pixar.
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