Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photography Day!

My pic for my biz: Lil' Precious Things, was taken at Mercu Buana Studio

Well, actually I don't really like photography or even just taking a photo of something, but I have to take some because of my assignment in photography class on my campus. So, I go to my old friend, Lesta and Juan Eko for helping me doing this task. And this is the result, Hoho..

Cookies and Milk... nyumm

Ready for Breakfast? :)

Let's Bake The Cookies

Behind The Scene: My bestie, Lesta was styling da food.. Hoho...

I learn much things when I doing this job, one of them is that for taking a good picture, no need expensive tools or props. You just have to use your creativity intuition for mix and match the props. For the lighting, I didn't use photography lamp, but only two flash, one is covered by soft box, and the other covered by beauty dish with honeycomb grid. For the props, we just use the stuff around us and try to mix and match it.

Lemon Tea. Styling by: Juan Eko

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